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Much-needed anchors to C-level executives, Chiefs of Staff have established themselves as the linchpin of the modern corporate landscape. A strategic revolution in any organization begins with them. That’s why, we, at Sparklehood, aim to impart the right knowledge and skills to unleash your inner leader. You just have to make one commitment - that of learning with us for a year!

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Live Learning Sessions

Learn from the masters in the field through our interactive learning sessions. Play an active role in conversing with experts and know all about the fundamentals of a Chief of Staff role, project management, performance management, and more.

Networking Opportunities

Network with and gain valuable insights from like-minded, inquisitive and ambitious individuals who will support you in your journey towards being a successful Chief of Staff.

Hiring Pitches

Acquaint yourself with top-notch startups and find opportunities tin this prestigious role. Learn what they have to offer, ask questions, and climb that corporate ladder! We’re here to boost your career trajectory every step of the way!

Capstone Project

Put your knowledge to test, solving real world problem based Capstone Project from high growth startups.


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Our Speakers

Let's have you learn from the best

Akhilesh Tilotia
Chief of Staff-NIIF

IIM-A Alum

Karishma Menon
Chief of Staff-Jupiter


Ajay Rungta
Chief of Staff-Practo

BITS Pilani Alum

Anadita Mittal
Chief of Staff-Nykaa


Sudeep Shukla
Chief of Staff-Signeasy

IIT-Guwahati Alum

Pratik Nikam
Chief of Staff-Rupeek

IIM-I Alum

Utkarsh Singh
Chief of Staff - Leap Finance

NIT-Rourkela Alum

Dhairya Shah
Chief of Staff-INDMoney

IIM-A Alum

Shivani Bhasin
Chief of Staff-Gourmet Garden

ISB Alum

Manish Sharma
Chief of Staff- Contentstack

IMT Ghaziabad Alum

Rutveez Roopam Rout
Chief of Staff-Born To Die The Game

SRM Alum

Vishal Kankaria
Chief of Staff- Just Move Inn

Hult Int. Business School

Priyanka Peeramsetty
Chief of Staff-inFeedo

GrowthX Ashoka University Alum

Aniruddha Jaju
Chief of Staff-MX Player

IIM A Università Bocconi Alum

Anubhav Arora
Chief of Staff-Magnifi

ISB Alum

Program Structure

PHASE-1 (8 Weeks) Weekend-only, live and interactive sessions by best in class Chiefs of Staff to help understand the fundamentals of CoS role. Real world problem-based Capstone Projects to put your learnings to test. PHASE-2 (10 Months) Abundant opportunities to network with a community of aspiring Chiefs of Staff through which you will gain access to a number of valuable resources, contacts, referrals and general support for resume prep, interviews and everything you need to thrive in this role. Hold on! We aren’t done here. We also assure you of continuous placement support and pitches by promising startups throughout this duration.

Program Timeline

Our awesome features
Week 1- 2

Week 1 Introduction Who is a Chief of Staff? How is it different from an Executive Assistant or a BizOps Manager? What are the skills and qualifications required to become one? If you’re plagued by these questions, fret not, Dhairya Shah is here to help you squash your doubts. He is the Chief of Staff at INDMoney. Week 2 Understanding the Landscape as a Chief of Staff As the Chief of Staff at Gourmet Garden ,Shivani Bhasin will make you think deeper about the role, its scope and how it varies as per the nature of the organization.

Our awesome features
Week 3 - 4

Week 3 Influencing Organizational Performance and Culture Navigate the nitty-gritty of stakeholder management, organizational & personal banding, and delivering an effective performance review with Karishma Menon, Chief of Staff at Jupiter. Karishma will handhold you through this dynamic process of shaping the team and organization of your dreams. Learn the A to Z of facilitating a high-performance culture, from setting KPIs to formulating effective engagement strategies. Week 4 Learnings around Project Management Welcome to the world of Project Management! You’re gonna love it here. This is where Akhilesh Tilotia, Chief of Staff at NIIF will guide dynamic individuals like you to learn all about managing special projects, branding and marketing initiatives, corporate events and much, much more.

Our awesome features
Week 5 - 6

Week 5 Learnings around Project Management Now that we’ve taken a look into special projects and initiatives, let’s talk about execution and achieving excellence in the same. Well, Manish Sharma, Chief of Staff at Contentstack is here to tell you all about it. Dealing with Ambiguity & Risks Thrive in an ambiguous business environment with the expert guidance of Manish, it’s safe to say that after this session you’ll learn how to conquer your fears and anticipate problems before they even arise! Week 6 Best Practices for Leading from Behind Anadita Mittal, Chief of Staff at Nykaa, will train you to be an empathetic and influential leader through this module. Managing cross functional teams, team building, team bonding, conflict resolution — these Human Resource essentials will help you develop robust teams, and in turn, a robust organization.

Our awesome features
Week 7 - 8

Week 7 Building High Performance Soft-skills are underrated but ever so important. Sudeep Shukla, Chief of Staff at Signeasy, will help you thrive in your dynamic Chief of Staff role by imparting the significance of essential corporate skills viz. communication and negotiation, time management, emotional intelligence and regulation, among others. Personal Growth as a Chief of Staff To top off our interactive live sessions, we have Sudeep to help you navigate this ever-evolving, high-powered career path. Becoming a Chief of Staff may not be a piece of cake, but it sure is a fulfilling role. Week 8 Resume Building and Interview Preparation Pratik Nikam Chief of Staff at Rupeek, will inspire you with their session, talking about how he found success in their career as a Chief of Staff. Then, you, along with our entire network of aspiring Chiefs of Staff, will engage in peer resume reviews and 1:2 mock interviews. Needless to say, you will receive loads of valuable feedback and support to help you learn and grow exponentially.

Week 9 onwards

Thought we were done with our interactive learning sessions? Well, not quite. Make the best use of the next 10 months by networking with a community of like-minded, dynamic and ambitious individuals to navigate valuable resources, receive community support and explore placement opportunities. During this period, we will also present to you hiring pitches to help you learn more about and interact with companies of your choice. Viola! You just fast-tracked your way to the top.

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Sparklehood is a startup school that helps founders and those with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit explore the world of startups while working 9 to 5. We are on a mission to build communities where the world innovates together with the help of playbooks from exceptional operators and engagement between people with similar aspirations. We have incubated 50+ start-ups, ranging from Deep-Tech, HealthTech, AgriTech, SaaS to AI, resulting in a value creation of over USD 500 million. Our biggest Web3 success story, ItsMyne, a social NFT marketplace, was valued at USD 15 million! Striving to be a hub of strategic innovation, Sparklehood aims to educate startup founders, ambitious leaders, dynamic and young talent, helping them map out a prosperous career path. Join hands with us today! Who knows, you could be the next page in our success story?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

Our cohort aims to equip you with the right skills and knowledge required to be a successful Chief of Staff in this modern corporate landscape. We’re here to: (a) guide you through live learning sessions covering diverse topics in the first 8 weeks; (b) help you network with like-minded budding leaders; (c) assist you in navigating tons of placement opportunities in the following 10 months.

The program will cost 29,999 INR for early birds and 49,999 INR for standard entry. Early bird discount is only available for first 30 applicants.

Visionary leaders, founders, spontaneous individuals seeking challenging yet fulfilling roles should apply. This program is for anyone and everyone who wants to explore this high-powered role and do away with monotony in their careers.

Absolutely! Even if not our target audience, there’s a lot in this program that will help flesh out the knowledge and skills required in dynamic leadership roles like the ones stated above.

Given that CoS is a senior role, freshers are generally not the first preference. Work experience in the range of 3-7 years is ideal and recommended.

Even though having a management or a consulting background is a perk, we don’t require you to have a particular qualification/certification to navigate this course.

Not really. The cohort may contain a few common elements, but the scope is wider and quite different overall.

We guarantee you, this is a fully remote program and you can participate from anywhere in the world!

You do not need anything apart from a laptop and good, stable wifi connection. We will be interacting with you over Google Meet. While you are attending the guest speaker lectures, make sure that you keep some scratch paper and a pen/pencil handy, since you will be introduced to many concepts that might require to be noted down.

Participants can expect placement support in startups that have raised Series A and beyond and conventional corporates as well.

While we will provide tons of placement opportunities in the form of startup pitches and community support, we do not claim any guarantees. The process that will follow after applying to a company of your choice is entirely at the said company’s discretion.

The average CTC for a typical Chief of Staff ranges between ₹23,00,000 - ₹30,00,000 P.A. or $184,500 - $278,500 P.A.

Yes, you will receive a full refund until 72 hours before the program starts subject to application processing fee of INR 3000.

You will get a year's worth of access to the all the perks of the community even after the program ends. Post this, you will have to pay a nominal fee to still be in touch with the community.

Please reach out to us on team@sparklehood.com so that we address your all your qualms and queries.

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